Who is Emily from Too Hot To Handle season two? Age, job and Instagram revealed

28 June 2021, 16:37

Who is Emily from Too Hot To Handle?
Who is Emily from Too Hot To Handle? Picture: Instagram/Emily Miller

Emily Miller is one of the contestants on the second series of Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle - here's your need-to-know on her.

Too Hot To Handle is officially back for its second season, and it's looking just as wild as the first.

If you aren't familiar with the premise of the show, it's similar to Love Island in that it sees a bunch of singletons live together in a villa and get to know each other.

The catch, though, is that they aren't allowed to snog, have sex or canoodle in any way. If they do, they risk losing large sums from the $100,000 prize fund.

Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix now
Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix

A smart speaker called Lana is on hand to watch their every move, and ensure they're sticking to the rules so as to make lasting connections with their romantic partners.

One of the contestants featuring in the first season is Emily, who caught the eyes of a few of the boys when she arrived in the villa.

Here's your need-to-know on her.

Emily is a contestant on Too Hot To Handle season two
Emily is a contestant on Too Hot To Handle season two. Picture: Netflix

Who is Too Hot To Handle's Emily? What's her age and job?

Emily, 27, is a model from London.

What's Emily's Instagram name?

You can follow Emily on Instagram @emilyfayemillerr.

Is Too Hot To Handle's Emily on TikTok?

She is - you can follow her @emilyfayemiller.

Emily is a model from London
Emily is a model from London. Picture: Instagram/Emily Miller

Who is Emily dating on Too Hot To Handle?

During the first episodes of the Netflix show, Emily was shown getting close to personal trainer Cam, 24, who is from South Wales.

The pair were first to break Lana's rules when they kissed during the first episode, after enjoying a steamy snogging session in the villa.

Are Emily and Cam still together?

Unfortunately, we don't know yet whether their romance was longterm - as the final episodes haven't aired yet and they haven't posted anything as a couple on social media.

The final episodes will be dropped on Netflix next week, so we should find out if their romance went the distance then...

Speaking about her time in the villa ahead of the series launch, Emily told Heart.co.uk: "I had the time of my life.

"I had some really good experiences, but at the same time had some challenging experiences."

She added that she: "Learnt a lot about myself, had to face a lot of demons, you know commitment issues and things like that, but I’ve definitely come out the other side."