Gemma Collins 'scared for her life' as vile bullies who shouted abuse at her in viral video stalk her home

1 March 2019, 12:11 | Updated: 1 March 2019, 13:35

Gemma Collins revealed she has been followed to her home
Gemma Collins revealed she has been followed to her home. Picture: Instagram

Gemma has shared photos and videos of the trolls waiting outside her home on Instagram and revealed she called the police.

Gemma Collins has taken to Instagram to reveal she was 'fearing for her life' after online bullies, who previously filmed themselves shouting abuse at the reality star last year, had found her home.

Dancing on Ice star, Gemma shared images and videos of the bully in question, who appeared to be parked outside her home, waiting for her to come outside.

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The bully has set up camp outside Gemma's Essex home
The bully has set up camp outside Gemma's Essex home. Picture: Instagram @gemmacollins1

She said: "Do you all remember that shocking video of two boys horrifically ABUSING ME well I am now petrified for my LIFE he has now found my home I AM SCARED FOR MY LIFE.

"I am so grateful for how amazing the police have been I am actually scared for my life ..... has been here since SATURDAY why would you abuse someone then find out where they live and make them petrified I can’t leave my home through FEAR.

"I don’t feel safe and I feel very THREATENED and UNSAFE ..... he told the police he was waiting for an appointment and three hours later said he was waiting for Gemma because he is a PAP."

Gemma's fans have supported her in their hundreds, commenting on her posts with words of encouragement.

One fan called Hannah said: "How disgusting, you got all our support and love, you are incredible keep being strong"

In the initial video that did the rounds last year, two men can be seen driving along the road before spotting Gemma outside a cafe with her family and then shouting abuse at her through an open window.

The abuse included vile name calling and comments about her size and weight.

Warning the video below contains explicit language.

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Here’s the video .....

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