James Argent and Gemma Collins split: Are they back together? Which TOWIE stars did they date?

11 March 2019, 17:44

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Gemma Collins and James Argent . Picture: Getty

How long have Gemma Collins and James Argent been dating? When did they split? And which cast members from The Only Way is Essex have they dated in the past?

James Argent's relationship with Gemma Collins has been the centre of speculation in recent weeks after their brief split resulted in a series of abusive texts from the TOWIE star.

Arg, who has been dating Gemma Collins on and off for years, appeared on Good Morning Britain to apologise for fat-shaming his long-term girlfriend after telling her she had 'more rolls than Greggs.'

Despite their explosive row, which James revealed saw him kicked out of their Essex home, Gemma and Arg have now got back together and were pictured enjoying a romantic break in Paris.

Speaking to Piers Morgan about their spat, Arg explained: “It is pot kettle black. I struggle with my weight. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. Gemma has lost weight and she looks the best she’s ever been.

"It was very childish and it wasn’t in my nature. We were both cussing each other.”

So how long have Gemma Collins and James Argent been dating? When did they split? And which cast members from The Only Way is Essex have they dated in the past?

We answer all your questions...

Gemma Collins and James Argent split

James Argent has confirmed he is back together with Gemma Collins after their spat over a video of her snoring being posted Instagram in February.

Asked if they were back on, Arg said: “I’m absolutely on [with the GC],” he said of their relationship. “We’re okay, we’re fine, we’ve had a bit of a tough time recently.”

Of their trip to the French capital he said: “We wanted to make a special effort with each other and potentially save the relationship.” 

Gemma Collins and Argent engagement

James has revealed that an engagement could be on the cards in future, as he said he would be happy to make "an honest woman" of Gemma one day.

He told Good Morning Britain: “If we remained stable and we were in a healthy place then it’s something I would consider. I love Gemma to bits. I love everything about her. I’ve been with Gemma all different shapes and sizes, we’ve had a thing going on for years and I wouldn’t change a thing about her.”

Who has Gemma Collins dated from TOWIE?

Gemma Collins most famous boyfriend from The Only Way is Essex is her co-star James Argent.

They have shared an on-off relationship for years before making their relationship official in 2017.

Other boyfriends have included Charlie King, whom she dated for before being in a relationship with Rami.

James Argent relationship with Lydia Bright

James Argent famously dated his TOWIE co-star Lydia Bright on and off for eight years after they fell in love as school children.

Their relationship was plagued with infidelity after Arg cheated on her with Gemma in 2016, while his stints in rehab also put a strain on their relationship.

Arg and Lydia finally broke up for good in 2016.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: "It’s civil (with me and James), we just don’t really ever see each other or speak to each other. They’re happy and I’m happy for them. We don’t speak often, sometimes we do. If there’s press we’ll get in touch. It’s amicable."