Jack Fincham hits back at ‘bitter’ trolls posting ‘hurtful’ comments about Dani Dyer

23 March 2019, 16:54

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'Nativity! The Musical' - Press Night - Curtain Call & After Party. Picture: Getty

The Love Island star says he's ‘so disappointed’ in people posting ‘nasty’ comments on social media and urges them to #BEKIND instead

Jack Fincham has hit back at ‘hurtful’ trolls on social media, calling out a string of ’nasty’ comments in a furious Instagram rant.

The 27-year-old is currently on holiday in Thailand with girlfriend Dani Dyer, 22, who has been sharing snapshots of her new InTheStyle swimwear range.

But followers began writing negative messages about the sun-soaked pictures, causing Jack to address the haters and urge them to #BEKIND instead.

It began when one Twitter user slated Dani's modelling videos, saying: "They're soooo awkward and uncomfortable this is why normal people should not become celebs."

Jack, who lives with his girlfriend in East London, quickly jumped to Dani's defence, writing: "Oh Madeline, where do I start. Firstly when did you become a fashion designer and photographer? Secondly why put people down?

"What's so bad in your life at 23 you need to be bitter and say hurtful things. Grow up and be nice you've made yourself look a horrible person. How sad."

He then continued to call out all trolls on social media, asking people with nothing nice to say ‘to SAY NOTHING at all’.

Jack called out 'nasty' trolls on social media after girlfriend Dani Dyer was criticised online.
Jack called out 'nasty' trolls on social media after girlfriend Dani Dyer was criticised online. Picture: Instagram

Jack posted: “Just been reading through some picture comments, not just mine a few and I am honestly so disappointed.

“The comments some people leave on photos are just so personal and hurtful just because we're in the public eye doesn't mean you can speak to people and leave nasty or negative comments.

Insisting that he’d ‘never dream of doing that to someone’, he asked social media users to keep hateful comments to themselves.

“Your feelings don't disappear because you have been on TV,” he continued. “We should all be kind to each other ALWAYS.”

The Love Island star is urging people to #BEKIND instead
The Love Island star is urging people to #BEKIND instead. Picture: Instagram

A few moments later he shared a second post that said: “Life is hard enough on its own and everyone as their own struggles you know nothing about and that one throw away comment because you feel “your entitled to your opinion” can make somebody feel really low and no one has the right to do that.”

“I wouldn't stop someone in the street and say you look awful... they may have had a really bad day or some bad news that day so I can't stress enough #BEKIND."

Jack’s comments come just a few hours after Vicky Pattison posted an ‘honest’ selfie on Instagram and vowed to share more of her 'real' self instead of her ’glossy’ campaign shots.