Who is Jonathan Ross' daughter Honey Kinney? Age, career and musician boyfriend revealed

2 July 2021, 19:10 | Updated: 9 July 2021, 13:57

Honey Ross is an Instagram influencer
Honey Ross is an Instagram influencer. Picture: Instagram

How old is Honey Kinney and who is her boyfriend Zane Saz?

Celebrity Gogglebox is back on our screens, and one man joining the line up is Jonathan Ross.

The presenter has been a viewer of the Channel 4 series for years, and now he will be taking to the sofa with his 24-year-old daughter Honey Kinney, son Harvey Kirby, 27, and Honey's boyfriend Zane Saz.

But who is Honey Kinney and what does she do for a living?

Honey is a body positivity activist
Honey is a body positivity activist. Picture: Instagram

How old is Honey Kinney?

Honey Kinney is 24-years-old, the youngest of Jonathan Ross’ three children, and grew up in Hampstead, North London.

Jonathan shares Honey with his wife Jane Goldman and the couple are also parents to Harvey Kirby, 27, and Betty Kitten, 29.

What does Honey Kinney do for a living?

Honey is a fashion model and body positivity activist.

Jonathan Ross, his wife Jane and their daughter Honey
Jonathan Ross, his wife Jane and their daughter Honey. Picture: PA Images

She has hit the headlines a lot over the past few years after speaking out about fatphobia and the taboo around being plus-sized.

The Instagram star has previously opened up about suffering from body dysmorphia when she was younger and hopes to help others going through a similar journey.

She said: “I regret the time I wasted hating myself. I bought into the notion that my body was a work in progress, that all my problems would dissolve if I lost the couple of stone that kept my body from being socially acceptable.”

“I want to try to help others avoid making the same toxic journey that I did.

"Recently my mother said sorry for the way they had handled it when I confided how I felt about my body — and how she wished they’d had the tools to offer an alternative.”

Honey currently has almost 50k followers on Instagram and regularly shares body positive images, encouraging her fans to embrace themselves whatever shape or size.

Who is Honey Kinney’s boyfriend?

Honey’s boyfriend is Zane Saz who describes himself as an ‘Artist, Gamer, Producer’.

Zane often shares photos of Honey on his Instagram page, showing the pair enjoying nights out together.

He also regularly posts videos of his musical talent, singing and playing the guitar.