Julia's hairy armpits

Julia Roberts has been snapped with hairy armpits...again.

This time the 42 year old was on holiday in Hawaii with cameraman husband Danny Moder

It comes more than a decade on from the famous Notting Hill premiere in London where she sported the same look.

We're interested to know if you think it's an image faux pas or doesn't matter?

Julia Roberts's hairy armpits

Julia Roberts

Your views:

HEY!! leave her alone. She looks sexy with her hairy armpits. Her husband loves it. If he is not happy with it, he will tell her to shave. He loves hair........whether he combs, licks, eat or suck the hair, just leave her in peace. It her private part, so if she shaves or not, it left with her.

Hmmm - not too sure I like it but she is beautiful enough to get away with an even bushier look if she so wished!

Does it change who she is??? NO! Does it change her personality??? NO! Let her be, it's her life. Why does she have to conform to what people perceive as being perfect or beauty.  If her husband and she are happy, what does it matter to the rest of us.