Maria Fowler posts statement in wake of Kady McDermott's controversial comments about her daughter

15 February 2019, 07:43 | Updated: 15 February 2019, 12:40

Kady lashed out at the former-TOWIE star's daughter on Instagram DM
Kady lashed out at the former-TOWIE star's daughter on Instagram DM. Picture: Getty

Kady has since apologised for her shocking comments about the former TOWIE star's child

Maria Fowler has hit out at Kady McDermott for calling her daughter 'vile' in a shock social media rant.

Kady, 23, who came third on Love Island in 2016, made the shock comments to the former TOWIE star over Instagram DM after the pair were embroiled in an argument over claims Kady copied Maria's interior design company Project In A Business.

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Maria contacted Kady on Instagram, branding her an 'alien head', and Kady replied: "You're a grown woman with a child going about someone having a similar name to yours.

"So embarrassing. I wasn’t gonna say anything but I’ve just watched your stories and I’m cringing.

"So so so much more happening in the world then similar bios and Instagram names.

"And if you think I've copied you you should take it as a compliment. Maria no one wants to copy you. You’re no one. Grow up x."

Maria then hit back with: "There's more to life than Instagram followers kady. I've got a stable relationship.

"Getting married next year and have a beautiful daughter. 'You're no one' with comments like that I think you’re the one who needs to grow up."

Kady then wrote: "You are so embarrassing now you're calling a 23 year old a brass. Just because you're one doesn't mean everyone is like you. Cringe bag."

Their argument continued to heat up, culmilating in Kady shockingly writing: "Your daughter is vile".

Maria posted the screenshots on Twitter, writing: "So kady Mcdermott comes at me in my inbox calling me a nobody and resorts to calling my 2 year old daughter vile.

"What a lovely girl".

Maria then shared a number of pictures of her daughter on the social media site, with one captioned: "Don't come at me saying my daughter isn't photogenic. She's unreal.

"To look at a 2 year old and first thing you do is judge their looks you've actually got something wrong with yourself."

Kady has since apologised for her comments, telling The Sun: "Kady said a comment in a heat of the moment after she was being verbally name called by Maria.

"She deleted the comment within a second and as soon as she said it instantly regretted it and apologised to Maria.

"There is no excuse for that comment at all, she is deeply sorry and did not mean it. It was a comment in a second of anger."

It has now emerged that Kady has been dropped by Missy Empire for her comments.

The brand said on Twitter: "We are aware of Kadys comments. As of now we have stopped her endorsement with us. Apologies. Thanks again."

Maria Fowler has now posted a statement on Instagram pleading with the public to leave Kady alone, and that she has apologised.

She wrote on Instagram: "I have rang Kady this morning, she has apologised to me.

"I have seen the things that people are saying about her and despite the fact that her comment about Evie was totally wrong and initially I didn't want to contact her, I felt like I needed to make sure she's not at harm.

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"I've suggested she just keeps her head down and lets this blow over.

"I don't want something stupid to happen to a young girl because of the internet so if I can ask people despite your frustrations to stop inboxing her now, I appreciate all your support and nice messages over what happens. But as humans we have a moral duty to make sure each other are ok."


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