Mosstock Watch: Kate's wedding list revealed

Champagne, rugs and ashtrays all feature on Kate Moss' wedding gift list

Moss and Jamie Hince are getting ready for their wedding, nicknamed "Mosstock" as it's believed it will have a music festival theme, at Kate's Oxfordshire estate, on July 1st.

The couple's wedding gift list has been revealed and it features crates of champagne, 14 crystal ashtrays at £240 each, a £4,600 mirror and a £5,000 cutlery set, among other extravagant items.

The list also includes cheaper items, such as a £12 bottle of claret and tea strainers for £12.95. Most of the gifts are listed at London's Liberty and antique shop Talisman.

Kate, who had her hen do at the Isle Of Wight music festival,  is having a second one in Paris this weekend, whilst her husband-to-be Jamie Hince plays at Glastonbury with his band The Kills.

It's also been revealed that Moss will not be wearing John Galliano on her big day, after the designer was sacked from Dior and sued for racially abusing a couple last winter.
The model is said to be wearing a wedding dress by Alexander McQueen instead.