Kate Winslet mocked for crying over dead family members... who passed away in the 1800s

13 August 2019, 12:04 | Updated: 13 August 2019, 12:06

Kate Winslet was very dramatic on her episode
Kate Winslet was very dramatic on her episode. Picture: BBC
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The Hollywood actress found out all of the secrets of her Swedish family's past and was very upset.

Kate Winslet appeared on Who Do You Think You Are recently and her episodes had fans of the show mocking the actress all over Twitter.

Hollywood star Kate, 43, wanted to explore her Scandinavian ancestry after she'd only learned about it just before her own mother passed away, two years ago.

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Kate was mocked by the show's fans for how over the top her reactions were
Kate was mocked by the show's fans for how over the top her reactions were. Picture: BBC

She embarked on a journey down memory lane and traced that she comes from a working class family in Sweden, and there were many shocks in store for Kate, as she found out that her ancestors were in fact, dead.

The titanic actress was very shocked when she found out the family was affected by the famine of the 1830s and any news related to some of the children passing away (most of malnutrition) seemed to really affect her.

Kate gasped and was visibly shaken by the news, which had many Twitter users posting about how much of a "drama queen" she was.

The star even yelled across a church and grabbed her own face in relief when she found out her great-great grandfather was not a prisoner, but worked in a prison.

However, she fully sobbed after finding out her great-great-great granfather, a stable groom, was sentenced to 35 lashes after stealing potatoes and honey to feed his starving family.

Fans were not convinced by Kate's OTT reactions, with many branding her "dramatic" and some joking she was "going all out for an Oscar!!!"

Another Tweeted: "I like Kate but she seems she’d be surprised by a light switch."

And one hilarious post said: "Kate, ALL your relatives from the 1800s are dead I’m sorry to tell you."