Kimberley Walsh secretly gave birth to third son a month ago as she introduces baby Nate

28 June 2021, 10:15 | Updated: 28 June 2021, 10:25

Kimberley Walsh has given birth to her third son
Kimberley Walsh has given birth to her third son. Picture: Instagram

When did Kimberley Walsh give birth and what did she name her son? Here's what we know about the Girls Aloud star...

Congratulations are in order because Kimberley Walsh has given birth to her third son.

The Girls Aloud singer gave birth to little Nate Jackson Scott on May 28th in the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in West London.

Kimberley, 39, already shares Bobby, six, and Cole, four, with her husband Justin Scott.

Kimberley Walsh gave birth ten days early
Kimberley Walsh gave birth ten days early. Picture: Instagram

And now she’s opened up about giving birth to her third son, saying she had to be induced ten days early.

Kimberley explained that she had some blood tests done in May where doctors discovered she had antibodies that could cause anaemia in the baby.

They suggested they brought her labour earlier than planned otherwise Nate may have needed a blood transfusion.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said:"The worst-case scenario would have been a blood transfusion for Nate.

Kimberley Walsh has given birth to her third child
Kimberley Walsh has given birth to her third child. Picture: Instagram

"I was like, “Oh, God!” They decided because I was so far along they would rather get him out, so they induced me 10 days early at 10am."

Elsewhere in the chat, Kimberley revealed she had loved the name Nate for years, saying: "There was a Nate in Boyz II Men and I’ve known a few people in the industry with the name and it’s quite American-sounding, and so is Cole, so I felt like they went well together."

"I’ve also watched a few American series recently with characters called Nate, like How To Get Away With Murder, and the name felt right when I heard it.

"We said we wouldn’t name him until we got home, but when we got back the boys were adamant that was his name! His middle name is also a J like them, as they’re Bobby Jay and Cole Jacob."

This comes after Kimberley announced last month that Nate would be her final child.

Appearing on James Martin's Saturday Morning, the singer said ‘three is the magic number’,

And joked that she is becoming ‘outnumbered’ by boys.

The mum-of-three also revealed that this is the first time she found out her child's sex before the birth.

She told OK! magazine: "I've never found out the sex of the baby before so both my boys were a complete surprise.

"But this time literally the boys were asking me every day "What we having what what we having?"