Megan McKenna opens up about devastating body dysmorphia following lip filler-removal

19 November 2019, 15:55

The X Factor: Celebrity star has opened up about her decision to have her lip fillers removed

Megan McKenna has opened up about her decision to get her lip fillers removed, revealing that body dysmorphia led her to repeatedly get the injections.

The former TOWIE star, 27, who is currently wowing audiences as a contestant on The X Factor: Celebrity, recently revealed that she'd had her fillers dissolved so as to be taken more seriously as a musician.

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She told Heart: "Every single thing I was doing, every video I put up of me singing, everybody would just be commenting on my lips. It was actually really starting to affect me.

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"And then when I took a step back... I don't know what it was, I woke up one day and I was like 'oh my god I look ridiculous' and I went through all my pictures on my Instagram and I was like oh my god I'm embarrassed. I was embarrassed, I was mortified. I don't know what it was.

Opening up about her decision to remove them, she revealed that she realised she was suffering from body dysmorphia at the height of her addiction to the procedure.

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"I think something hit me one day, and I realised I'd been suffering from very bad body dysmorphia for a long time," Megan said. "And I was pumping filler into my mouth a lot more than people should probably be doing anyway."

Thankfully, Megan revealed that she'd now learnt to 'accept herself', adding: "Thats what people need to do. You need to stop looking at all these Instagram models, the majority of them aren't real and there's a lot of editing going on. I just think you really need to accept the way you are, because you'll end up in not a good place. Like I was.

"I really wanted to be taken seriously with my music, and I thought I can't be going on stage with a trout pout like that."

She added that her friends and family had previously urged her to reconsider getting the procedure done, saying: "My whole family, friends, used to say to me 'Megan, your lips, your lips, they're so big. And I'd be like 'no they're not'.

"I didn't think my lips were big, that's the problem," she added. "I thought they were too small. So I would go onto an editing app that would make my lips bigger than what they were. So, yeah, definitely a problem there. But I feel like I'm over that now and happy with the way I look."

The X Factor: Celebrity continues this Saturday at 7:40pm.


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