Mila and JT's blind double date?

Mila Kunis agreed to be a soldier's plus-one and now a female marine has asked Justin Timberlake to be her date for the same event.

Sgt. Scott Moore is currently serving with the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Afghanistan and asked Mila to be his plus-one for the Marine Corps Ball in November via YouTube.

Mila, star of Black Swan, was being interviewed on Fox411 along with 'Friends With Benefits' co-star Justin Timberlake when she was first shown the Sergeant's video...

JT: “Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? You need to do it for your country. I’m going to work on this, man. This needs to go down.”

MK: “I’ll go, I’ll do it for you. Are you going to come?”

JT: “They don’t want me! They want you. You need to do it for your country.”

MK: "I'll do it!"

Now, Sgt Moore's success has inspired Corporal Kelsey De Santis to ask Justin to the same ball, due to be held in Washington D.C. in November.

Corporal De Santis is currently serving as the only female at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence (MACE) at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Justin is yet to reply to Kelsey's offer but we think he should 'do it for his country' too...

Check out the videos below and let us know your thoughts...