Who is Natalya from The Circle? Age, job and Instagram revealed

7 April 2021, 16:56 | Updated: 8 April 2021, 08:53

Your need-to-know on The Circle's Natalya (AKA 'Felix')
Your need-to-know on The Circle's Natalya (AKA 'Felix'). Picture: Instagram/natalyaplat1/Channel 4

Natalya Platonova is playing as 'Felix' in The Circle - here's your need-to-know on the real-life Catfish.

Natalya Platanova is one of the players in this series of The Circle, and she is 'Catfishing' her fellow contestants by pretending to be a 29-year-old paratropper named Felix.

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'Felix' has been involved in one of the major storylines in the series, after entering into a romance with fellow contestant Manrika.

No-one is aware that Felix is a Catfish, which could make for an awkward confrontation when 'he' is finally unmasked...

Here's your need-to-know on Natalya.

Natalya is one of the contestants on season three of The Circle
Natalya is one of the contestants on season three of The Circle. Picture: Channel 4

Who is Natalya? What's her age and job?

Natalya, 30, is a military police officer from Reigate.

Like Felix, therefore, she is also in the army.

Speaking before she entered The Circle, Natalya said: "I've taken in 300 questions to ask someone to really get to know them and I'm going to keep probing people. If they're tripping up and saying the wrong thing, I'll remember it. I have got a really good memory as well. I've got brain training games so I'm going all psychological on this.

"In my day-to-day life I’ve had a lot of experience figuring people out from working in the military, I’m constantly on high alert. I'm a really quick judge of character.

"I've created the perfect man. He's every childhood boy's dream, he's an action hero, he's good looking, I think he's got it all. He's got the females on side because he's going to be charming and sweet and he's got my softness behind his character. He's the ideal soldier guy so he's respected in society and he’s got a job that everyone admires and loves. I just don't know how I could go wrong. I mean I probably might, but he seems like the ideal guy!"

Natalya has been 'Catfishing' as Felix
Natalya has been 'Catfishing' as Felix. Picture: Channel 4

She also opened up about wanting to challenge stereotypes by going on The Circle, adding: "I like the message that I'm portraying, that all is not what you see with the gender roles in the military. It would be nice to say that a female in armed forces can still retain her femininity as well as being a successful soldier.

"I think the more powerful meaning behind it is that, I can do exactly the same as what any man can do, but because of my gender it's not always been seen as the case. The army has changed their rules and are now letting women join the infantry, but when you’re a female, people tend look at you and think you're not physically as capable as a guy. It would be nice to have a positive influence, especially on a younger audience."

Is Natalya on Instagram?

She is! You can follow her @natalyaplat1.

The Circle final takes place on Friday April 9 at 10pm on Channel 4.


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