Pregnant Lucy Mecklenburgh suffering from terrible morning sickness and sleepless nights

4 September 2019, 16:21

Lucy is expecting her first child with soap actor Ryan Thomas
Lucy is expecting her first child with soap actor Ryan Thomas. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The former TOWIE star is currently expecting her first child but things aren't going smoothly so far for her.

Lucy Mecklenburgh has spoken out about the difficulties she's dealt with so far during her first pregnancy.

The reality TV star, 28, is expecting with her fiancé, Ryan Thomas and has admitted things have been rather tough.

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Fans have praised her for being so open and honest after she's shared a picture of herself sat on the bathroom floor after being sick.

Lucy, who is also a fitness influencer, posted a blog about her ongoing struggle as she gets further along in her pregnancy.

She's also started Lucy's Baby Blog, which is - unsurprisingly - a blog about the baby and her whole journey.

Poor Lucy's morning sickness hasn't just been restricted to mornings, and she's been trying loads of different things to try and make it better.

In a post on her website, ResultsWithLucy, she said: "I’m writing this from the bathroom floor, which is where I have been for most of the night puking up.

"I am SO tired. Sleeping on a towel, on the bathroom floor, is actually possible and it’s not because I’m drunk..."

She continued: "Although I do feel like I’m hungover most of the time just without the fun night before...

"Why the Hell is it called MORNING SICKNESS!? I had suffered evening, all night and the morning just to top it off.

"Smells were making me super nauseous and I felt an overwhelming tiredness to go with it which his what made me think 'hmmmm maybe I could be pregnant!?!'..."

Lucy described her usual day: "In the morning, my general routine has changed to wake up at 4 or 5am, feeling starving and sick.

"I usually take a calm walk to the kitchen to make toast and a cordial.

"Humming to distract that awful nauseous feeling; holding my nose because the smell of the fridge, flowers, diffuser and well, frankly the smell of ANYTHING makes me feel sick.

"I then pray that the toast will make the sickly feeling go away!"

She finished her post with some of her favourite tips for trying to keep the sickness at bay.

These included carrying snacks, sipping water, eating little but often and also eating bland food.