Prue Leith claims 'most mums' fill packed lunches with 'junk' as she calls for them to be banned

22 November 2019, 12:42 | Updated: 22 November 2019, 12:44

The GBBO judge has divided GMB viewers after making the claims on the show earlier today.

Prue Leith has caused controversy after calling for school packed lunches to be banned, claiming that 'most mums' fill lunches with 'junk'.

The Great British Bake Off judge, 79, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to debate whether parents should be responsible for what kids eat in school with education and families editor Sian Griffiths.

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During the discussion, Prue claimed that 'most mums' fill their lunch boxes with unhealthy foods, but Sian argued that school dinners are just as unhealthy.

Prue made the comments on GMB earlier today
Prue made the comments on GMB earlier today. Picture: ITV

And when questioned why parents who provide healthy lunches should be banned from doing so, Prue responded: "If that was the average packed lunch I’d be happy, but it's not. 

"It's true there are some mums who do really well, but most don't. They fill the lunch boxes with junk, frankly. A treat should be once a week, not once a day."

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And when Susanna Reid enquired further, Prue said: "It depends what the treat is. 

"It depends. But I think if you have more than one sweet thing a day, you probably are adding another 400 calories. We just don't want it everyday.' 

Prue is a judge on the Great British Bake Off
Prue is a judge on the Great British Bake Off. Picture: Channel 4

Viewers took to Twitter to slam Prue, with some branding her claims 'patronising'

One wrote: "Patronising and insulting Prue! 

"One meal choice... my children wouldn’t eat, then wouldn’t focus on learning through being hungry. 

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"Also I’m capable of a good meal of an evening. Sandwiches are fine at lunch. They will end up fat from two hot meals a day."

She said that most packed lunches are filled with 'junk'
She said that most packed lunches are filled with 'junk'. Picture: ITV

Another raged: "My son has lost weight since changing to packed lunches. School lunches are full of stodge and they kept giving him extra portions."

Sian argued against Prue's claims, saying: "I think something does need to be done, but I don't think banning packed lunches is the answer. A lot of school food is absolutely terrible. I go to schools a lot and just in the last week I have been offered pizza, fish finger baps, fried fish in batter and sausages. 

"These are all on school menus and they are not healthy foods."