Who is The Queen's Gambit's Anya Taylor Joy and what else has she been in?

20 November 2020, 15:58

Your need-to-know on Anya Taylor Joy
Your need-to-know on Anya Taylor Joy. Picture: Instagram/PA

The Queen's Gambit cast: Anya Taylor Joy - who plays Beth - is also known for her role in Peaky Blinders - here's your need-to-know on her age, net worth and Instagram.

The Queen's Gambit is the latest show to have us all hooked, and the Netflix series features an all-star cast you'll probably recognise.

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It tells the story of an abandoned child named Beth Harmon, who learns how to play chess in the orphanage she grows up in and eventually becomes a competitive player.

Anya Taylor Joy plays the main role, and you may recognise her from a number of other TV shows and films.

Here's your need-to-know on her.

Anya stars in The Queen's Gambit on Netflix
Anya stars in The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Who is Anya Taylor Joy? What's her age and background?

Anya, 24, is an actress from Miami in the USA.

Her first major roles were in fantasy series Atlantis (2015), and period horror film The Witch (2015).

She also appeared in Split (2016), Glass (2019), Thoroughbreds (2017) , and Emma (2020).

Is Anya Taylor Joy in Peaky Blinders?

The Queen's Gambit viewers may recognise Anya from Peaky Blinders, in which she plays Michael’s wife, Gina Grey.

She was cast in the role in 2019, and is due to return for season six.

Is Anya Taylor Joy on Instagram?

She is! You can follow her @anyataylorjoy

Does Anya Taylor Joy have a boyfriend?

According to reports, Anya is dating photographer Ben Seed.

Anya doesn't tend to speak about her relationships, but the pair were spotted out together in May of this year.

She previously spoke about dating while doing an interview about her role in Emma with Glamour earlier this year, saying: "Human beings are so complicated.

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"We're all hot messes throughout this entire film, which is wonderful.

"If you have one of them that's a hot mess, and then you get two of then that's a hot mess, and then it's game over.

"It's always going to be complicated, but, hopefully, good fun."

What is Anya Taylor Joy's net worth?

According to CelebWorth, Anya's net worth is around $1,000,000 (around £760,000).

Is there a trailer for The Queen's Gambit?

There is! You can watch the trailer below:


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