Scarlett Moffatt reveals ‘vile’ bodyshaming letter which was sent to her house

29 October 2019, 12:20 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:29

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Scarlett Moffatt has spoken out about an awful letter she was sent in the post by a troll.

Reality stars often open up about the abuse they receive on social media, but now Scarlett Moffatt has revealed one troll went a step further this week.

Taking to her Instagram account, the former Goggleboxer first spoke to her followers directly, telling them she was shocked by the handwritten note she got through her letterbox.

“Can I just say I did not know this was a thing,” she started, continuing: “I knew trolls were a thing but I just received a letter in the post.

“If anyone recognises this handwriting it’s from an a*******.”

Opening up about the contents of the letter, Scarlett, 29, said: “It’s s****ing off Gogglebox which I haven’t been on for three years - unless it got stuck in the post, the post doesn’t take that long.”

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The former Queen of the Jungle finally added: “Thanks very much for that, much love.”

Clearly upset over the hurtful letter, Scarlett then went on to share a photo of it online.

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As well as calling her ‘fat’, the letter reads: “You can’t speak properly it’s ‘I’ not ‘me’ in a sentence. Your mouth looks strange like a pork chop sliced in half.”

Writing alongside the letter, the reality star then went on to brand the troll ‘ridiculous’ and vowed not to let bullies get her down.

“The fact someone’s sent me a letter as they feel so strongly about my weight is ridiculous,” she slammed.

“Turns out I’m not even safe from vile comments in the comfort of my own home.

“I WILL NOT let bullies like this get me down. I just wish they’d left me a reply address and I would have sent them some local charity details and clubs near them so they could occupy there time as they seem to have so much of it by helping others.”

The star finally added: “Let’s just be kind to people as we don’t know what’s going on in their lives ❤️ #bekind”

And fans were quick to support her, as the post has now been liked over 31k times, with Scarlett choosing to turn off the comments.

Unfortunately, Scarlett is no stranger to trolling and earlier this year she bravely spoke out on Instagram after she was left unable to leave the house due to horrible comments.

Sharing a photo of herself on Love Island Aftersun in May, she wrote: "I used to avoid this photo it would upset me because even thinking about this moment where I got trolled for the way I looked reminded me of the state of depression it sent me in to the point where I didn’t even want to leave the house!

"But I don’t think that looking at this photo now! NOW I see a young girl living her best life appearing on a show she loves, showing off her best assets and her curves. "

She added: "Throw your middle finger up to anyone who tells you your too thin, too fat, your stretch marks are ugly, your body isn’t the right shape, your boobs are too small, too big, your bums too flat or too fat or you’re too fake!”