Sheridan Smith says she's looking forward to break to spend time with son Billy

14 July 2022, 08:00 | Updated: 14 July 2022, 08:15

Ahead of the release of her new film The Railway Children Return, Sheridan Smith said she's looking forward to some downtime with her son.

Sheridan Smith has said she’s excited to spend more time with two-year-old son Billy.

The 41-year-old dropped by the Heart studios to chat all about her brand new film The Railway Children Return.

And after a busy few months, Sheridan said she’s looking forward to going on holiday with her little one.

“I’ve been working hard,” she said, continuing: “But I have decided since having Billy I’d like to have a little break in between each job as filming can be quite intense.

“I used to take jobs back to back when it was just me, but now I’ve got Billy it’s nice to spend quality time with him and I am trying to take on a little bit less work. “

She later added: “At the minute I’m looking forward to just having downtime with Billy and I might go on holiday.”

Sheridan gave birth on May 9, 2020 and shares Billy with ex fiancé Jamie Horn.

This comes ahead of the release of Sheridan’s brand new film The Railway Children Return where she plays the character of Annie.

Opening up about starring alongside original cast member Jenny Agutter, who plays Bobbie as a grandmother, the star said she was initially ‘starstruck’.

“My mum and dad loved the film when I was younger and I watched it so I knew all about the original,” she said.

“So when I got asked to be in this film playing Jenny’s daughter I was totally starstruck and overwhelmed to be part of it.”

The star continued: “Jenny came at the end of the shoot for the final week.

“And it was like royalty arriving, we were all so nervous because it’s her baby.

“To get her seal of approval for this to be made and for her to be in it playing the grandma Bobbie, it was amazing watching her walk back on that same platform.

She added: “The emotion she had, I’m so honoured to be part of it.”

Sheridan first hit our screens all the way back in the 1990s and has since played a number of iconic roles in shows such as The Royle Family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, as well as dramas including Cleaning Up and The Teacher.

Revealing which characters she’d like to return to in the future, the actress said: “I enjoyed doing Benidorm, that character of Brandy, I’m too old to play her now as she was wild.

“Also Mrs Biggs, I loved playing her which is totally the other end of the spectrum, but I feel so lucky I’ve got to play so many amazing characters and I’m excited to see what other new ones might come along.”

The Railway Children Return is out on 15 July 2022.