Simon Cowell's olive branch

Louis Walsh claims that Cowell is looking to reignite his friendship with Cheryl Cole.

The pair famously had a bust-up following Cheryl's removal from the judging panel on the US X-Factor and now he's looking to make amends and sort out their differences, claims Walsh.

Louis told Closer magazine: "I'd be amazed if they don't make it up. They were really close and the best of friends. I think Simon will make it his mission to become mates again. I actually think Cheryl didn't really want the show. Her heart wasn't in it and she never felt comfortable there, in my opinion."

"She did the right thing coming home. She's happy now, so that's what's important."

Walsh also went on to say that he misses working alongside Cheryl in the UK version of the talent show.

"I miss her drama. There was always some drama around when Cheryl was at the show - and I mean that in the nicest way! There'd be something happening to her puppy or some kind of wardrobe thing going on. We text and keep in touch. She's a little sweetheart, people have no idea."

cheryl and simon

Forgive and forget? Louis predicts they'll sort out differences and become friends again.