Mel B shares Victoria's suite

Mel B is to give birth in same delivery suite Victoria Beckham had her daughter Harper Seven in July.

The 36 year old is expecting her third child with husband Stephen Belafonte and has booked the same room at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in LA where Victoria was in July.

In an interview with Hello Mel said: "I emailed Victoria to invite her to my baby shower, but she was busy. We email or tweet each other, we've got to have a proper big catch up. The funny thing is I'm giving birth in the same delivery suite at Cedars-Sinai hospital that Victoria had Harper in."

Meanwhile the former Spice Girl is expecting to have to rely on her daughters to help her out as she's dreading the reaction of her husband. She reckons the film producer will probably pass out and require medical attention. "He'll be panicking and will probably take us to the wrong hospital. The suite I'm having the baby in has an adjoining room, so he'll probably be in there passed out on the floor or asking the doctor for an epidural."