Who is The One's Zoë Tapper and what else has she been in?

21 March 2021, 13:00

Zoë Tapper is the actress who plays Kate in Netflix's The One - find out her age, Instagram and previous TV work.

If you're a few episodes deep into The One and trying to work out where you recognise the cast from, we've got the lowdown on where you've seen character Kate before.

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She is played by actress Zoë Tapper, who has appeared in a number of popular TV shows previously.

Here's your need-to-know on her.

Zoë Tapper plays Kate in The One
Zoë Tapper plays Kate in The One. Picture: Netflix

Who is Zoë Tapper and what else has she been in?

Zoë is an actress from Bromley, Greater London.

She rose to prominence playing Nell Gwynne in Richard Eyre's film Stage Beauty in 2004, and is also known for playing Anya Raczynski in Survivors and Mina Harker in Demons.

More recently, Zoë has appeared in the following shows:

  • Mr Selfridge (2013)
  • Blood (2013)
  • The Muskateers (2014)
  • Safe House (2017)
  • Liar (2017)
  • Nightflyers (2018)

How old is Zoë Tapper?

She was born on 26 October 1981, making her 39 years old.

Who does Zoë Tapper play in The One?

Zoë plays police officer Kate in The One, who investigates Rebecca (played by Hannah Ware) after Ben's body is found in the river.

Kate investigates CEO Rebecca in The One
Kate investigates CEO Rebecca in The One. Picture: Netflix

The character also uses the dating service herself, and is matched with Sophia (played by Jana Pérez), who lives in Barcelona.

Sophia and Kate get to know each other via Zoom, and Sophia subsequently comes to visit her in London.

However, while she is waiting to meet her, Sophia is involved in a road accident - and falls into a coma.

Speaking about filming her scenes over Zoom, Zoë told the Express: "There are two things to say about that. First of all, Zoom conversations anyway are quite strange and we’ve all had to get used to them over the last year in a much bigger way.

"There is a slight disconnect anyway, it’s not quite the same as being physically in the same room as somebody. So there is an element of that.”

She added: "Fortunately, just in purely practical terms I had already met Jana the actress.“She’s a very vivacious, bubbly woman so I had already had the experience of her charisma.

"We didn’t even have each other at all times on the screen, sometimes I was just doing my performance to a blank screen.“I wasn’t actually doing a performance to her face or her speaking.

"So it was a bit of a challenge, because always you’re looking for the connection between the two characters.

"But she’s a very easy person to act with, I still found it delightful working with her."

What's Zoë Tapper's Instagram name?

You can follow her @zoetapperofficial.


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