CBB Teases HUGE Twist Ahead Of This Week's Double Eviction

17 January 2018, 08:34 | Updated: 17 January 2018, 08:38

Celebrity Big Brother

There's a reason the voting lines are still closed!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 is in full swing as we're all now beginning to establish our favourites amongst the line up of famous faces.

India Willoughby was the first celeb to be booted from the house, and we've not got long to wait for the double eviction that's happing in Friday's show.

Five big names within the CBB house are up for eviction, but Rylan Clark revealed exactly why the lines haven't opened yet during last night's episode of Bit On The Side.

The TV host teased: "You'll notice that we haven't opened up the vote tonight guys. That is because there is a nominations twist on it's way."

Cue audible gasps from the audience members! (And us watching at home!)

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Dapper Laughs, Ann Widdecombe, John Barnes, Rachel Johnson and Andrew Brady were all named to face the double eviction, but anything could happen as Rylan claimed Big Brother was "playing it's own game."

Rylan also admitted he was shocked that some of the favourites were already up for eviction, but cryptically implied that the twists will be revealed over the coming days.

First evictee India told Rylan: "I’m surprised Daniel has been nominated as he's really popular in the house. He’s really funny and extremely strong...I would like Rachel or Ann to leave."

The celebrities were joined by a group of 4 year olds earlier this week, who caused mayhem in the house and proceeded to tell the Diary Room who their favourite contestant was. Made In Chelsea star Ashley James proved most popular, after 6 children hailed her their favourite.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on channel 5.

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