Could Channel 4's Lego Masters Be The New British Bake Off? Viewers Think So

26 August 2017, 10:03 | Updated: 26 August 2017, 10:55

Lego Masters

It's a chip off the old block

Channel 4 have been cooking up another TV show and viewers are already coining it the new British Bake-Off!

The new home of the rebooted The Great British Bake-Off are on to a winning formula, with their new show Lego Masters proving a block above the rest. 

The launch of the new series saw eight couples of different ages go head-to-head at competing to make the best lego sculptures.

Lego Masters

Unlike our childhood lego creations of small bridges, walls and occasionally just a load of old bricks, the competition is fierce and the creations are incredible!

Lego Masters

One contestant even made a lego poo (ooo the detail!).

Similar to the GBB, the competing pairs fight off their competition with their designs, judged by a panel of lego specialists, in a bid to stay in the competition and ultimately win.

Sound familiar?

Viewers of the show were quick to pick up on the similarities too with one viewer giving the show the nickname 'The Great Brickish Make Off'. very clever.

The first episode of the innovative show challenged contestants to build a lego banquet, kitted out with lego food and a lego throne fit for a king or queen - well in this case, host Melvin Odoom. 

Lego Masters

Lego Masters

Lego Masters

As Melvin tested out the strength of the designs by sitting on them, some thrones couldn't handle weight, while others stood (or sat) strong.

In traditional Bake-Off or Make-Off style the show's judges announced the teams that would be staying to build another day, while builders Jade and Michaela, and Jonathan and Arthur were sent home.

Lego Masters is set to return again next week Thursday 31st August at 8pm on Channel 4, with the next challenge set to be movement based.