Cheryl Is The Centre Of A Baby Scandal As Her Sketchy Family Tree Is Revealed

Cheryl set to discover her roots in Who Do You Think You Are


Speculation is rife that the former Girls Aloud star is expecting her first child with Liam Payne, but could she be having twins? Her family tree speaks volumes!

After years of saying she was “put on this earth to be a mother” and all but confirming her very own pregnancy earlier this week, Cheryl has been discovering the tragic stories of pregnancies in her family’s past. 

After appearing on a forthcoming episode of the BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, Chezza discovered that multiple births actually run in her family, making her susceptible to twins herself.  

Although there hasn't been any twins in her family for a while now, experts say that the gene can skip generations, meaning her and boyfriend Liam Payne could be met with not one but TWO babies. 


During the show the 33-year-old discovered that her great great-great grandfather Joseph Ridley and his housekeeper shared more than a glance under the mistletoe, with the pair going on to have twins after his wife died. One of the twins was revealed as Cheryl’s great grandmother. 

What's more, because he chose not to make an honest woman of her and the fact that she was the hired help, meant that Cheryl's great-grandmother was then seen as an illegitimate child, which would have been a HUGE scandal during that time.

As a result, Cheryl’s mother Joan knows absolutely nothing about her grandfather – even his name, Joseph Wilson Ridley, had been shielded from her, as he died before she was born and was never, ever talked about.

Of course, being able to retrace her mother's family history was moving for the pop star.

My mother is very much a friend. I can confide in her about anything,” says Cheryl.

“But it just feels a bit more mysterious on her side of the family. I never heard stories, I never heard tales.

“I find it like pretty amazing that my Mam’s grandfather has been completely forgotten, considering he fought in the First World War. You would think there would be tales and stuff like that passed down but nobody seems to know anything."

The episode comes after Cheryl and Liam appeared to confirm they are expecting their first child as the singer stepped out sporting a huge bump in a clingy khaki dress  on Tuesday night.