Chris Martin Takes On James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke


Coldplay front man Chris Martin is latest big name star to tackle Carpool Karaoke with James Corden…but THIS version involves an overnight stay. The phrase 'boys on tour' comes to mind!

The road to the Coldplay's Superbowl Halftime Show is paved with karaoke… according to our beloved funny man, James.

Hitch hiking, a tandem bike, spooning on a sleep over and a Mick Jagger impression all make this one of the most epic Carpool Karaoke's yet! 

Prepare yourselves for #CarpoolKaraoke featuring @coldplay's Chris Martin!
— The Late Late Show (@latelateshow)

Watch the teaser clip:

James Corden officially reached stratospheric levels when Adele agreed to take part in his (now infamous) Carpool Karaoke sketch series. 

We don't know what was better, seeing Adele belt out 'Hello' and 'Someone Like You' or hearing her rap Nicki Minaj's 'Monster'. Absolutely brilliant. 

If you haven't already seen it, you can check out the whole video here

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But James is attempting to one-up himself by roping in fellow Brit and bessie mate Chris Martin. 

The Coldplay star is known for his slick sense of humour, but we really hope he bashes out a version of 'Yellow', 'Sky Full of Stars' and 'Viva La Vida' too. Here's a track to get you in the mood…


Apparently though, this version of Carpool Karaoke is going to be amped up a notch, with an overnight stay involved. James Corden has even likened it to a boys road trip…now that we have to see. 

It turns out instead of James needing a car mate, Chris needs a lift to his Superbowl Half Time performance.

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Corden told 'Entertainment Weekly' in the States: "It’s more of a road trip than it is a Carpool in many ways. I’m such a fan of his. I’m a fan of that band — they mean the world to me. It was very funny. He brought a keyboard over, and it involved an overnight stay. It was fun." 

Rumour has it the duo also pay their respects to David Bowie by singing one of his biggest hits. Awwwww. 

The sketch is expected to air next week, so keep checking back and we will keep you posted! 

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