Chrissy Teigen Found A HILARIOUS iPhone Photo Feature You Can Try At Home!

1 November 2017, 13:09

Chrissy Teigen iPhone hack

Chrissy Teigen accidentally found this iPhone hack in the funniest way.

Every autumn Apple roll out their shiny new products such as an updated Apple Watch, swanky new iPad and all singing and dancing new phones.

And with all of that comes an update that even those without the latest model of the iPhone can have on their phone which comes with some pretty cool features.

But just as we thought we knew everything about our phones, Chrissy Teigen made this hilarious discovery...and it involves her bra!

The model worked out that if you type in the word 'Brassiere' into your iPhone's photo library it brings up all the pictures stored on your phone that feature bras, crop tops or even cleavage! 

We're not sure HOW she managed to find this out, but trust us, it works!

In her tweet, which included a screen shot of her camera roll she said: "It's true. If u type in "brassiere" in the search of your photos, it has a category for every boob or cleavage pic you've ever taken. Why." Why indeed! Although now come to think of it, this search functionality could come in handy after all.

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The word 'Brassiere' isn't the only word the phone recognises and you can search many different terms to narrow down the thousands of photos sitting on your phone to find that picture you're after from a year ago.

iPhone Camera Roll Search

Words like 'Dog', 'Animal', 'Puppy' and 'Cat' all work to bring up every photo of your furry friend that you've ever taken as do more general terms like 'Drink' or 'Food'.

'Shoes' will also narrow down your pictures and for example a search for your 'Car' might be useful if you need to remember your number plate - clever!

Have a play around and let us know if you find any other hilarious words the camera roll recognises...