Cinema Give Epic Response To Men Who Don't Like 'Women Only' Wonder Woman Screenings

27 May 2017, 12:12

Wonder Woman movie

In the famous words of Beyonce, 'Who runs the world?...Girls!'

It's not everyday that you get a female superhero who can save the world, help round up a team of other pretty cool super heroes (The justice league) AND look pretty cool while doing so. 

So when one US cinema decided to host a 'woman only' screening of the new Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gardot as the main character, fans were left screaming...but not all for the same reason.

Taking one giant leap for womankind, the Alamo Drafthouse, based in Texas and NYC decided to host the 'No-Boys-Allowed' screenings only to be met with criticism from one species in particular...Men.

After announcing the showing for people 'who identify as women', it seems as though a few people felt left out, taking to Twitter to accuse the Drafthouse of being sexist.

One Facebook user also commented "It's just a matter of time before someone reports this to the ACLU or a men's rights attorney."

But despite the barrage of negative comments, the theatre spoke out saying "This has zip to do with equality". 

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‘This is a celebration of a character that’s meant a great deal to many women since 1940,’ read the post.

And just encase the haters didn't get the message, the Drafthouse have added ANOTHER all-female screening.

Talk about sticking it to the man.


Adding salt to the wounds of the broken hearted men against the 'women only' screenings, the theatre company also tweeted, ‘We heard your complaints have taken swift & decisive action. Another women-only#WonderWoman show on sale now’,

According to The Washington Enquirer figures from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University show that even though women have starred as super heroes over the past decade, female protagonists make up a small portion of top grossing films each year.

In fact, a recent study found that women make up 29 percent of protagonists among the top 100 films of 2016, noted as a ‘historical high’ and an increase of seven percentage points from a year earlier.

The new Woner Woman movie tells the story of the Amazonian superhero Diana Prince who is learning about the advent of World War I and becomes Wonder Woman in a bid to save the planet from self destruction.

One step for mankind, one giant leap for womankind.

among the top 100 films of 2016, a ‘historical high’ and an increase of seven percentage points from a year earlier.