'Corrie' Producers Appear To Forget THIS Character Is ALREADY DEAD In Horrific Gaffe

Mike Baldwin Coronation Street

Producers of the long-running soap might need to go back and brush up on the history of the cobbles.

Scriptwriters for Corrie made yet another horrific gaffe last night when they mentioned a character that had already died.

During a scene in the Rover's Return, Todd Grimshaw told his partner Billy Mayhew that Adam Barlow had been looking for his dad in the pub.

However, his dad Mike Baldwin died 11 years ago!

Of course, the embarrassing mix-up didn't go unnoticed by viewers at home who quickly took to Twitter to slam the producers.

So what could possibly have been the reason for such an epic gaffe? Well, it's likely Todd was supposed to say Adam was looking for his granddad, Ken Barlow and said, 'dad' instead. 

However, if he was genuinely looking for his dad, then boy...he's about to get a shock!