Coronation Street Viewers think THIS Is How Nicola's Friend Lydia Knows Pat Phelan

14 October 2017, 09:54

Coronation street lydia nicola pat phelan

Lydia freaks out after seeing a picture of Phelan, and viewers think they know why.

Coronation Street has been hotting up this week (and we're not talking about Betty's hot pot) as another piece to villain Pat Phelan's storyline is uncovered.

Last night Pat's daughter Nicola went to see her late mum's old friend Lydia, but it wasn't quite the visit either one of them had expected.

Coronation street lydia nicola pat phelan

As Nicola revealed that she had been reunited with her biological father, Lydia was shocked to say the least.

"You think your mum had an affair? She wasn't the type!" Lydia asked.

Nicola replied, "I didn't think that at first, but she did."

"He's alright, he's a good person."

Coronation street lydia nicola pat phelan

But it wasn't until Nichola showed Lydia a picture of Pat Phelan that the conversation took a turn. With Lydia clearly shaken up at the sight of Pat's picture, Nicola asked, "What's the matter?"

She replied: "Nothing, it's just a bit of a shock. It's a lot to take in!" before rushing her out the door.

Coronation street lydia nicola pat phelan

With it being clear that Lydia knows more about Phelan than she's letting on, Corrie viewers were quick on the mark with their theories about how Lydia knows Phelan.

Grab a cup of tea guys, they're pretty interesting.

Could the Coronation Street viewers be on to something?

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