Robbie Williams – Daddy Cool?

The singer, who recently won GQ magazine's ‘Icon of the Year’ award, is ready to give up his party lifestyle and become a 'cool dad'

The father-to-be has been worried about growing up before the baby arrives. ‘I always considered myself to be perpetually 18’ says Robbie ‘and now I can’t be’.

The former Take That member shared his initial fears of raising children in an interview with GQ magazine.

'You go through therapy and blame your parents'  continues the star 'now all of a sudden you’re a parent and there’s no one to blame any more. Your child could blame you.'

However his wife, actress Ayda Field’s baby preparations seem to have calmed Robbie’s nerves.

'I just chilled out as we had an interview with a nanny' he says 'They’re like the oracle of little baby people.'

Robbie not only has a baby on the way but also a brand new album, Take The Crown, which is due for release on November 5th.
Congratulations Rob!