Daniel Radcliffe on fatherhood

Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about the prospect of having a child with his partner.

The Harry Potter star has been with girlfriend Rosanne Corker for 18 months now, and the couple feel certain they will grow old together.

Although the 22-year-old has said he wants to have children at a young age in the past, but is now insisting there's no rush.

'We both want the same things,' explained Radcliffe to UK Glamour magazine. 'But we also know it would be ridiculous any time soon. I always wanted to have kids young, but also thought, "That’s going to be hard work."’

'Kids are the single greatest, fulfilling thing I’ve seen happen to people,' he continued. 'But we’ve got a lot of fun times ahead before that happens.

'I have a lot of youthful enthusiasm left, I promise.'