Medic Bob Finds DEADLY Critter Lurking In The I’m A Celeb Camp!

23 November 2017, 09:54

Medic Bob Im A Celeb

The campmates had a lucky escape!

As the I'm A Celeb campmates slowly start to adjust to life in the Australian bush, they could be forgiven for being lulled into a false sense of security.

The celebs obviously expect to come face to face with a critter or two during Bushtucker Trials, but they're blissfully unaware of how close something more sinister lurks whilst they're relaxing in their hammocks in camp...

Good old Medic Bob is always on hand to make sure that the celebs don't come across anything that could cause serious harm, as he revealed that he had to remove a deadly snake just the other day.

The venomous 'small-eyed snake' was lurking near the bridge that Ant and Dec conduct their famous intro from at the start of each show, and is capable of fatality.

Cheeky Joe Swash piped up that he knew all about 'small-eyed snakes' and shouted off camera "I've got one of those!" to which Medic Bob chuckled and agreed.

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Last night saw Toff and Rebekah Vardy undergo the dreaded eating Bushtucker Trial. Named 'Worst Dates', this nasty challenge saw the two stars go head to head in a battle to win a coveted meal ticket by chomping down on all sorts of undesirable delicacies.

The celebs were relieved to hear that there are no Bushtucker Trials on the agenda tonight; instead they're taking part in 10 Downing Creek, and will be voting a new campmate into the fold.

I'm A Celeb continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.


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