Myleene defends her little 'Hero'

Myleene Klass has taken to Twitter to defend her new daughter's name.

The presenter and model tweeted, 'Today Hero "officially" becomes a little civilian and gets registered. Excited.'

However one of Myleene's 90,000 followers wasn't too impressed with the choice of name and asked, "Is there any chance you could change your mind a give her a name she might appreciate in ten years!"

Myleene was quick to reply: 'Are you crazy?! Her name's amazing!'

Another follower #marieg76 was on Myleene's side  'Congratulations. Her name is beautiful by the way.'

Myleene replied: 'thank you. It appears to have divided some people! We absolutely love it!'

The name comes from a character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.