Farewell To Doc Martin As It's Announced TV Series Is Coming To An End

18 January 2017, 11:48

Doc Martin

By Hollie Borland

Fans are left gutted as it's announced that grumpy Doc Martin won't be returning to our TV screens after 2018.

Avid telly fans are left gutted as it's been announced that TV staple, Doc Martin, will come to an end next year.

The medical comedy drama has been on screens for over 12 years but it looks like it's about to reach the end of the road as Martin Clunes - who portrays the brilliant blood-fearing GP - has confirmed that the show will conclude after series nine in 2018.

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Doc Martin ITV Martin Clunes
Caroline Catz plays grumpy Doc Martin's wife, Louisa Glasson. Picture | REX

Speaking to the RadioTimes.com, Martin - whose wife Philippa Braithwaite runs the production company Buffalo Pictures that makes the show - said: "We start making it in spring and it'll probably be on air in the autumn. So [series 8] is the second to last."

Although fans are no doubt devastated about the comedy coming to an end, the cast are over the moon as they thought the show would wrap up after the series seven party.

Ian McNeice - who plays café owner Bert Large in the show - said: "At the end of the series we had a wrap party with the best drinks and food ever and we were thinking this is looking pretty - is this a goodbye? We were getting a little nervous.

Ian McNiece plays cafe owner Bert Large in the ITV series. Picture | REX

"Then we had a cast and crew photograph and we had never had that before, and it was slightly unnerving that the end of this series we wrap things up nicely."

The comedy, which first hit television screens in 2004, has become a household favourite over the years as fans watched the doctor move to Cornwall for work because of his extreme fear of blood, fall out with most of the locals because of his abrupt manner and develop a romance with school teacher Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz).