Doctor Foster Viewers Gobsmacked By TWO Major Blunders

20 September 2017, 11:27 | Updated: 20 September 2017, 15:23

Doctor Foster series 2

While the focus of last night’s episode was Gemma’s steamy sex with her ex-husband, many viewers were too busy spotting filming gaffes.

Another week of Doctor Foster - another six million of us stressing about Gemma’s questionable decisions!

The third episode of the second series saw Gemma and ex-husband Simon ‘do the deed’ in the steamiest scenes yet.

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Gemma’s plan was to film the so-called ‘revenge’ sex and use the evidence to break up Simon and new wife Kate, but after the plan was foiled, they decided to go ahead anyway – SIGH!

Whilst Gemma and Simon were going all ‘Fifty Shades’ on us though, many viewers were too busy laughing at the continuity blunders.

In one scene Gemma was seen to start cooking a dinner of pasta, chicken and broccoli for son Tom.

She's spotted doing various culinary actions such as boiling the kettle, chopping veg and grating cheese.

However, just minutes later, Gemma has managed to cook the complete meal. 

Taking to Twitter, several branded her super woman, with many impressed and shocked over her speedy skills.

In a separate scene, Gemma goes to her fridge to hurriedly pour herself yet another glass of white wine. 

In the next few minutes, the same door magically opens and shuts without her going near it!

Again viewers were quick to pick up on the gaffe:

Doctor Foster is back on BBC One next Tuesday at 9pm.