Eastenders fans point out Alfie Moon doppelgänger in the Christmas special

26 December 2018, 11:49

Alfie Doppelgänger

The character met his end in a tragic fall on Christmas Day

Eastenders was the gift that kept on giving on Christmas Day. 

Not only was the drama turned up high with the Slater/Moon clan but eagle eyed soap lovers spotted the ultimate blunder in the festive special.

After it was revealed that Alfie Moon was the father of Hayley's baby, Alfie's fate was sure to go only one way...down hill (literally).

Breaking out in a certified Christmas row at the top of the landing with Kat, Stacey and Hayley; a push from Hayley sent Alfie flying down the stairs to his untimely death.

But it seems like the cheeky charm of Mr Moon also bagged him a stunt double to take the fall for him, which certainly didn't go unnoticed by viewers.

In fact, after taking several screenshots of the row, Eastenders fans were quick to point out how unconvincing the Shane Ritchie (who plays Alfie Moon in the soap) stuntman actually looked.

One viewer wrote: 'Alfie Moon turned into Noel Gallagher in Eastenders tonight. Best Christmas ep in a decade!'

While another posted: 'Sorry but last time I checked that is not Alfie moon'

And the drama continues tonight (hopefully without the stunt double or the wig), seeing the Slaters deal with aftermath of having a dead body on their hands.

With Kat having to deal with not only the betrayal of an affair, but now the loss of her husband, will she finally snap?

Will the slaters shop Hayley into the police or will Kat take the fall for Alfie's death?

Or in a more typical Eastenders fashion, will they hide the body under the Queen Vic only to be discovered next Christmas?

Eastenders airs again tonight (26.12.2018) on BBC1 at 8:30pm