Emma Watson Reacts To Her Recent Tattoo Blunder In The Best Way

Emma Watson Tattoo Blunder

By Alice Westoby

Emma Watson's well meaning statement at the Oscars ended up falling flat thanks to this blunder.

The 'Time's Up' and 'Me Too' movements took centre stage at the 90th Academy Awards and it was a big night for women.

Other awards shows this season have featured female attendees sporting a particular colour on the red carpet or holding a rose to represent the movement but at this year's Oscars women wore whatever splash of colour they wanted accompanied by a simple 'Time's Up' pin.

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But Emma Watson took it one step further and sported a temporary tattoo baring the slogan - but can you spot what's wrong with it?

Emma Watson Tattoo Blunder 

Oops... | Picture: Getty

Yep, there's a little apostrophe missing in there! It should read 'Time's Up' instead of 'Times Up' so we bet she's glad it's not a permanent inking.

The gesture was made with amazing intention but people couldn't help but take to social media and give the Beauty and the Beast actress some stick about the gaffe.

It seems cruel but she does have an English Literature degree from prestigious Ivy League university, Brown after all.

Emma Watson Tattoo Blunder

Despite the tattoo error, Emma Watson looked stunning as she attended the 90th Academy Awards | Picture: Getty

But the star took the jibes in good humour as she took to Twitter to address her error...

She's a good sport!