Emmerdale Dropped A Big Hint That Andy Sugden Might Return!

081 Rebecca & Chrissie White (2nd February 2017 - Part 4)


Speculation has been rife for ages that the much-loved soap character could be back on our screens.

Emmerdale has added further fuel to rumours that Andy Sugden is set to make a sensational return to the dales.

Speculation has been rife for weeks that actor, Kelvin Fletcher, could be set to reprise his role in the long-running soap, but now a series of hints appear to be shaping up the rumours quiet nicely. 

Emmerdale Dropped A Big Hint That Andy Sugden Migh

A recent episode saw the character being mentioned very heavily, when Chrissie White admitted that she was wrong for framing her ex-lover Andy for the shooting of her father Laurence, in a twisted revenge plot that saw him turn fugitive last summer. 

The villainous vixen's confession came after she suffered a near death experience which saw her fall head first into a glass table after a brawl with her sister Rebecca.


While in the hospital, Chrissie's father gives her some home truths about her behaviour including a dressing down about the way she treated Andy, as it's now left his daughter Sarah — who suffers from a life-threatening illness, without a dad. 

The remorseful scenes has led some to believe that this is making way for Andy's return to the farm. 

Of course, this is no guarantee – there has been no official suggestion from Emmerdale or Kelvin Fletcher that Andy will be showing his face in the village soon, but we can only hope!