Our Favourite Embarrassing Parents In Fiction

Mrs Doubtfire

We all love our mum and dad - they're there for you when you need them the most right?

Not to mention that they did a great job of bringing you up! But there is not denying it: parents are embarrassing. 

Whether it's their struggle to understand modern technology or when they insist on keeping up with the latest fashion by wearing your clothes they're always slightly on the other side of cool... 

And it's no different in fiction. Here are some of the parents in popular books and movies who have a knack for embarrassing our favourtie characters.

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Mrs Doubtfire

We know that this is an adorable story about a father who just wants to spend more time with his children but we've got to admit that if Mrs Doubtfire turned up at the school gates to pick us up from school...

Mrs Weasley, Harry Potter

Don't get us wrong, we would LOVE to have Mrs Weasley as our mum - we're a bit jealous of Ron to be honest. But there is nothing in this world that would make us want to receive a Howler in front of all of our school mates.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Any one of the Golden ticket winner's parents. Mr and Mrs Salt who over indulged their spoilt daughter Veruca; Mr and Mrs Beauregard who have raised their daughter Violet in a way where she thinks it's okay to steal; Mr and Mrs Gloop who have turned Augustus grotesquely fat; and Mr and Mrs TeeVee allowed Mike to binge on television enough for it to take over his life. Blerugh, no thanks!

Mr and Mrs Wormwood, Matilda 

Matilda's adoptive parents never really wanted another child. They embarrassed Matilda beyond belief with their ignorance and nastiness. We'd choose Miss Honey any day. 

Tess Coleman, Freaky Friday

Our favourite mother/daughter duo had a mega switch up in Freaky Friday. Anna Coleman didn't get on with her mum Tess and after a fortune cookie changed their destiny, Anna and Tess switched bodies. And we're saying that when Anna was inside Tess's body and still being all grunge... embarrassing. 

Professor Archimedes Q. Porter, Tarzan

Jane's dad is a very knowledgable father and he absolutely adores his daughter Jane but he's just a little bit too into studying the gorillas in Tarzan...