Justin Timberlake flew wedding cake 5,000 miles to sick grandad

Justin Timberlake ensured no one felt left out of the wedding by sending his ill grandfather a slice of the wedding cake!

Justin was reportedly devastated that his grandparents would be missing his big day in Italy, but the sweet singer flew them some of the almond and coconut cake.

'I couldn’t go to the wedding,' explained grandmother Sadie to The Mirror's 3am.

'Justin was heartbroken but I couldn’t leave my husband Bill, who is ill in hospital.

'I’m so sorry I had to miss it but I talked to Justin and Jessie, and they understood that I couldn’t leave Papa.

'So Justin said he was making me an album of photos and sending some cake.

'They called me on the day and I congratulated them and told Justin "thank you for giving me this beautiful new grand-daughter".'

Aww… As if Justin Timberlake wasn't perfect enough already!