Did You Notice This HUGE Mistake At Ross' Wedding In 'Friends?'

'Friends' Ross and Emily wedding

Neither did we! See the big blunder that's got the internet freaking out...

If you thought you knew Friends inside out, then think again, because this new piece of information will make you question everything you thought you knew.

Turns out, 'I Ross take thee Rachel' wasn't the only big blunder that took place at Ross and Emily's nuptials, as there was another big mistake that we missed at the time. 

Did you ever notice who was missing from the guest-list on the big day?

There was Monica and Joey and Chandler and even Rachel turned up out-of-the-blue after touring herself about Ross being the one who might get away, while a heavily pregnant Phoebe was stuck in New York.

Of course, Ross’ parents Jack and Judy were there in addition to Emily’s father and stepmother Stephen and Andrea Waltham.

However there was one BIG snub off the guest list....

It's BEN!

You know? Ross' adorable little son whom he had with his ex-wife Carol? 

Well if the episode is anything to go by, it would appear that Ross' son was left off the list entirely. 

Maybe he wasn't able to attend without his mother and her partner Susan? Or maybe he decided not to come because he just couldn't be bothered with all that jet leg.

Who knows? We'll leave that bit to you.