10 Struggles We Had That Kids Now Will Never Understand

Twisted cassette tape

Children today don't know how good they have it. The daily obstacles we faced growing up seem laughable to the younger generation. But we know the truth. From twisted cassette tape to having to blurry disposable camera pictures… someone should really give us a medal!

1. Having To Get Your Film Developed

…and all of your pictures having "the thumb" effect bar ONE :(

2. Having To Get A Stranger To Take Your Photo On Holiday… (arrgh the awkward "natural" posing).

…the word 'Selfie' Didn't.Even.Exist. We know, SHOCKING!

 Taking a photo

3. Cassette Tapes Getting Twisted

...and the painstaking work involved in trying to feed it back in the right way. Careful now, one wrong move and you're done for! 


4. The Movie Store Running Out Of The Film You Wanted To Watch… (why were there only ever two copies of each??!)

…and worse - once DVDs came in, your precious VHS collection suddenly becoming worthless, WORTHLESS!

 VHS back in the day

5. Actually Using Phone Boxes… 

Yes kids and tourists, these actually had a use outside of a good place to pose for your new profile picture! 

Phone Box

6. Having To Have Change To Get On The Bus…


 City Bus

7. Having To Plan A Meeting Place Before You Left The House

…and sticking to it no matter what. We repeat: mobile phone DID NOT EXIST KIDS.


8. Oh, And Printing Off A Map So You Knew Exactly Where You Were Going

…no smartphones = no sat nav. 

Laserforce Maps

9. Listening To The Radio In Order To Tape Record Your Favourite Song

…and then the disk jockey spoke over it anyway. Grrrr! 

 Roberts Revival Radio red

10. Having To Rent The Library's Encyclopaedia To Do Your Homework

…serious AGRO man!