Game Of Thrones Fans Spot Creepy Detail At Winterfell That Will Blow Your MIND!

12 August 2017, 11:57

Game Of Thrones Catelyn Stark Return?

There's a ghost on the loose, and fans are loving it!

What would a typical Game Of Thrones episode be without blood-thirsty battles, eye-popping passion and a plot twist that would boggle the mind of any soap writer.

So it comes as no surprise that avid watchers of GoT, may just have spotted a crucial detail that could indicate the return of a much loved (and very dead) character from seasons past. Spooky!

Game Of Thrones Catelyn Stark Return?

Despite episode 4 of season 7 grippingly ending with the silver-haired Daenerys Targaryen dramatically decimating most of the Lannister army with her fire-breathing dragons, it was a touching fight scene between young Arya Stark and loyal Brienne that had everyone's tongues and suspicion rising.

As the friendly pair locked swords in the grounds of Winterfell, it seems that it wasn't just Sansa Stark and Littlefinger that were watching them. 

Game Of Thrones Catelyn Stark Return?

Eagle-eyed viewers took to Twitter with their sightings of a resurrected Catelyn Stark scurrying past as her tenacious daughter Arya delivered the lines "You swore to serve both my mother's daughters".

Game Of Thrones Catelyn Stark Return?

Coinscidence? Many thought not, with devoted readers of the original GoT books, written by George R.R Martin, linking Catelyn Starks second coming to her ghoulish resurrected character Lady Stoneheart. 

While some remained delightfully hopeful at the haunting findings...

Others were highly skeptical of the return of Lady Stark, rendering her return as pointless.

The writer of the hit TV series however has previously assured viewers that Stoneheart will not be appearing in the penultimate build towards the final, season 8. 

But with no guarantee of her not appearing in season 8, we'll just have to wait and see what lurks behind the castle wall next.