Gareth Gates' Surprising Career Change Is Every Health Nut's Dream

Gareth Gates Cuppanaught

We'll always remember that beautiful voice from his 'Pop Idol' days, but the handsome crooner has recently undergone a surprising career change...

These days the 32-year-old is most widely recognised as a West End star, but fans of the boy from Bradford is keen to push his newest venture - a healthy coconut tea infusion. 

The dark-haired hunk has introduced the world to his three new tea flavours (coconut, coconut, ginger & turmeric and Coconut & cranberry), which all contain real coconut and use biodegradable teabags which are good for the environment. 

"This is a project that I've poured my heart and soul into" he told online entertainment site 'Digital Spy'. "It's amazing to see it received so positively by the health food community." 

It's not only the health nuts who are enjoying them, the fans are clearly loving settling down with a fruity cuppa too:

We're sold. Better stick the kettle on!