Music videos are too sexual, says Gary Barlow

X Factor judge thinks pop videos should be toned down

'The other day, I wanted some music in the kitchen" said Barlow in an interview with OK! magazine "and put on one of the music TV channels and a video came on which was so rude that I had to turn it off because my nine-year-old was with me.’

The father of three has revealed his shock at the sexual dance moves teenage girls performed during the X Factor auditions. He also went on to say that the over-sexualisation of female artists was having an effect on his own children Daniel, 11, Emily, nine and Daisy, two.

‘I have had five nine-year-olds in my back seat singing along to Black Eyed Peas songs with ‘F’ this, ‘F’ that and I’m like: “Right, I’m stopping the car!”’