Gary Barlow wants Stevie Wonder duet

Gary wants his X-Factor contestant Marcus Collins to do a duet with his idol Stevie Wonder.

Reports suggest the Take That star wants his last remaining act to perform with Wonder, should he reach the final, after Marcus wowed the crowd last week with his performance of 'Lately'.

"Marcus has the whole of Liverpool voting to get him through to the final, but Gary thinks Stevie Wonder would give him a real push in the final to get the whole country spurring him on to victory," a source told The Mirror.

"Gary is trying to use all his contacts in the business to make it happen. Bosses would love a music legend like Stevie on the show, too, and would get him to do a medley of his hits at the same time."

A host of stars have already been linked with a duet - Michael Buble, Adele and Coldplay's Chris Martin to name just a few.