Gemma & Chesney Feeding Venus Flytrap Kebab Leaves Coronation Street Viewers In Hysterics!

Venus flytrap Coronation Street

With the all the heavy storylines in Coronation Street lately, it seems a kebab-eating Venus Flytrap was just what the viewers needed.

It seems that even the most green of us fancy a greasy munch every now and again (or not), as Corrie characters Chesney and Gemma found out in last night's episode.

The kebab shop workers were playing with the plant in the fast-food establishment, when Gemma suggested feeding it some thing much more meatier than flies. 

Venus flytrap Coronation Street

Whilst originally squealing with delight that the plant had taken the greasy bait, Ches and Gemma soon realised that they themselves had bitten off more than they could chew - killing the venus flytrap and having to break the news to the plant's owner, Ches's girlfriend, Sinead.

Venus flytrap Coronation Street

Whilst bizarre excitement turned to dread on the cobbles, Corrie viewers were eating up the hilarious storyline, taking to Twitter with their amusement.

Whilst many saw the storyline as a bit of fun and light relief from the other heavy storylines on the soap that night, some viewers definitely couldn't grab a hold of the joke, taking to Twitter in defence of the wronged plant.

One user even offered a snappy storyline suggestion that would definitely see the venus flytrap go out with a heroic bang.

Unfortunately for character Chesney, the plant-themed fun and games came to an abrupt end when plant-owner and girlfriend Sinead tried to break it off with him completely over the death of poor flytrap. 

Venus flytrap Coronation Street

Although the spark of comical genius was kept alive when Chesney was left sleeping on the sofa, crying after a very upset Sinead "I can’t believe we might break up over a plant!”