Gemma Collins Brands The Night She Wore THAT Dress The 'Worst Evening Ever'

8 September 2017, 08:34 | Updated: 8 September 2017, 11:06

Gemma Collins Brands The Night She Wore THAT Dress

The Only Way Is Essex star caused headlines with this particular dress.

Gemma Collins is known for her Essex accent, big blow drys and glamorous fashion sense so it was only a matter of time before one of her outfits made headlines.

And one particular ensemble that she wore to an ITV party back in July caused the internet to go wild and made her a viral sensation thanks to their witty reactions that sometimes weren't too kind on the TOWIE star...

But during a recent appearance on Loose Women the blonde beauty admitted that "I can take the mickey out of myself" and that she laughed her "head off" at some of the memes reacting to her wardrobe choice.

But she stood by her sartorial decision and told the Loose Women panel "if you saw me in it in the cold hard light of day but the paps, I swear to god, they kill me every time!".

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However she did reveal that it was the worst night of her life but not because of the dress at all! 

She had one of those wanting the ground to swallow you up moments when she accidentally mistook cricket star Freddie Flintoff, for footballer Peter Crouch - oops.

She revealed "It was the worst night ever, as well as the NFL pictures going around whilst I'm at the ITV party but I see Freddie Flintoff and call him Peter Crouch".

"I looked at him and said how's Abbey (Clancey) and he said 'No, you've got the wrong person that's Peter Crouch!".

Oh Gem, you do make us laugh! Never change.