George Clooney has regrets

George admits mistakes but puts his success down to bouncing back.

The 50-year-old actor has starred in his fair share of ropey flicks but Clooney says it's all about how you recover.

"I've made mistakes in my career. I've made some terrible TV series and been terrible in them. I've been in terrible films, and when a film of mine fails I just want to go and hide under a rock.

"I've had a lot of bumps and turns in my road. But the trick is how well you bounce back. That's true in the movie business and it's true in life."

"I've made mistakes in judgement and I've failed many, many times."

Despite the humble self-confessed mistakes, George believes the key to having a successful career, especially as an actor, is learning how best to deal with rejection and failure.

He told HELLO! magazine: "What's my secret to success? The test is how you deal with it when everything goes wrong. It's the easiest thing in the word to handle your career when it's going well. When it's not going well, that's the important time."