Gerard Butler makes most of accident

Gerard Butler may have suffered a near-death experience at infamous surf spot Maverick’s in Northern California, but that didn’t stop him from making the most of it over Christmas.

He was held under water by a huge wave whilst filming a daredevil scene for new film Of Men and Mavericks. He was then rushed to hospital after being rescued.

Upon his return home to Scotland, he used the accident to his advantage.

‘I play it like that, but I don’t really get away with it,’ he reportedly replied when asked if his A-list status means he doesn’t have to help cook at Christmas. 

‘Although I do feel that this year I was a little bit lazy. There were a couple of times when I saw people in the kitchen and I thought, “I could be doing a little bit more.” To me though, what I’ve just been through – you’re lucky I’m here,' he joked. 'And you’re going to ask me… it’s washing up! It’s water! I can’t even see the water, any kind of foam, what if I fall in?!’

Of Men and Mavericks is currently slated for release on 26th October 2012.